Humanitarian Day

August 18, 2024

Saturday, August 19 is World Humanitarian Day!

This day recognizes the people who work to make the world a better place. These everyday heroes include many of our coworkers here at RXMG, so we would like to shine a spotlight on some of them and the organizations they work with to uplift their communities.The organizations our coworkers support range in size from small, local groups to nation-wide organizations. @Katie Fletcher (she/her) volunteers as a math tutor, providing free services for students in the community through her local school district. She first found this opportunity as a college student several years ago, and has recently started doing it again.Since 2017, @Peter Wilson has been on the board of the Philadelphia regional chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, which helps more than 1,500 local children each year connect with others in the community who can provide mentorship and support. He also serves as the Treasurer and Finance and Audit Committee Chair for the chapter.@Jenna Allen provides service to a variety of organizations, ranging from her son’s high school PTO and cross-country team to virtual work for The Smithsonian, transcribing and preserving historical documents. She has also helped advocate for people with disabilities and connect them to community resources. This weekend she is participating in a 24 hour run to raise money for a local children’s hospital, so wish her luck!@Mary Beth Howe has also helped contribute to fundraising efforts for a local children’s hospital in South Carolina. She recently volunteered at the 25th Annual Klays for Kids Event, which featured a clay-shooting tournament, food, raffles, and fellowship, all to raise money for the hospital. She hopes to make this a yearly tradition!The variety of ways our coworkers volunteer reflects the variety of talents they have as well. @Sarah B. Wieland volunteers each month with Soldier’s Angels, baking goodies to send to deployed service members. She also used her artistic talents to paint a mural for the navy squadron in Kingsville, Texas.Our volunteers’ efforts aren’t just limited to the borders of the United States. @Adam Zarniewicz in Poland and his fiancé met a young girl in foster care at a local youth house and now spend time with her every weekend, playing games, going to the park, swimming, cooking, and eating together.@Kevin Wolf's volunteer work has included the Cantu Foundation (which helps bring homeless dogs from Tijuana and Baja Mexico to find loving homes in the US) and Baja Bound (which builds houses for homeless families in Mexico). While vacationing in Puerto Rico he even took time to work at Casa Cuna, helping care for young children who have survived abuse and neglect.Humans aren’t the only residents of our planet though, and our coworkers’ efforts include our furry friends as well. @Dea Crittenden has fostered over 50 dogs in her home and helped with fundraisers and adoption events working with Misfit Angels Rescue and The KG Foundation, with the goal of providing a “fur-ever” home for abandoned cats and dogs.When asked what was the most rewarding part of volunteering, each of our volunteers expressed the joy they felt at being able to see how their efforts make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Whether it is through baking cookies, teaching math, organizing events and fundraisers, or opening their homes and hearts to people and animals in need, each has demonstrated the power of sharing talents to make the world a better place.This World Humanitarian Day, let's take a moment to applaud the efforts of our coworkers, as well as the countless others around the world who work to alleviate suffering and spread joy.

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