Our Areas of Focus

DEI is not just about representation. It’s also about how people are treated and how they feel within the organization. Having distinct areas of focused ensures that all aspects — from hiring practices to workplace culture — are addressed continually and dynamically at RXMG. 

The landscape is ever evolving with new philosphies and shifting societal contexts. Having areas of focus allows us to stay updated, responsive, and relevant to systemic issues and emerging challenges. 

By honing in on specific areas, we can ensure that our initiatives are thoughtful, effective, and aligned with RXMG’s overall mission and goals.  

Here’s what we’ve been doing.  

Advocacy & Volunteering

Education & Awareness

Continuous learning is vital.  We must immerse ourselves in specific topics, gather data, learn from our initiatives, and adjust our approaches accordingly.  We have a dedicated DEI Content & Events Team that works together to curate thoughtful and relevant ideas to acknowledge, celebrate and educate.  

We use these opportunities to educate RXMG staff on specific topics, leading to greater awareness and engagement to so many causes, and to also unite us and build empathy and a greater understanding for one another. 

In 2023, we sponsored and required a company-wide workshop to further our understanding of DEI fundamentals and increase our awareness and empathy for one another. We have an active calendar of events to connect our team and have everyone feel included. 

Financial Support

We know that resources (time, personnel, budget) are often limited. We use resources where they can have the greatest impact, and sometimes that’s supporting different causes through financial means.

We try to incorporate a relevant organization every opportunity we can. Whether that’s gathering tech items for donation, or matching employee contributions to charities of their choice, or the % of our revenue that we donate each year.   

Financial Support
Education & Awareness

Diversity in Hiring

We employ an ethnically diverse staff and prioritize POC in our recruitment efforts. Over 50% of our leadership roles are filled by women. We have an internship program meant for marginalized communities to get on-the-job training & experience, hopefully leading to full-time employment with RXMG.

We require a DEI Certification & Training to be completed by all hiring managers to alleviate unconscious bias during the interview lifecycle and their direct report’s employment journey.


Real-Time Response

At RXMG, we understand the unique challenges presented by current events and the need for tailored communication and support. We stand together as a team, offering assistance and solidarity during times of racial injustice and political unrest. Whether it’s acknowledging significant milestones like the appointment of the first black and openly gay House Press Secretary or providing resources to engage with the conflict in Ukraine, or prioritizing supporting our fellow peers amidst recent acts of Asian hate crimes by lifting their voices.

We also conduct an annual survey to our staff, to get real-time feedback on our DEI efforts and initiatives. 

Real Time Response
Diversity in Hiring

Advocacy & Volunteering

Time is the ultimate resource. Where we spend our ‘free’ time is so telling. It can define us. Volunteering is part of our core at RXMG for so many reasons. It can build empathy, provide networking, and give a sense of purpose, but also drive positive change, fill resource gaps, and foster a sense of civic responsibility.  We pass this passion for helping on to our teams, encouraging them to be involved in their communities and with organizations that interest them.

In 2022, we set a goal of 500 hours, and we succeeded with the help of our incredible team. In 2023, our goal is 700 hours. We help to coordinate group volunteer events, where staff that live near others can meet up and represent RXMG together for the greater good.  

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